Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hello gorgeous, nowadays I see people like to bring other down, I don’t know how to explain this well but I’ve been feeling that “burdened situation” lately.
It’s a very important message to me to get out of that kind of situation and I want to tell you that in this world you should be your own boss. Don’t let anybody tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing or who you are. You are you, you know yourself better than anyone and you should decide your own choices like……..

“This is how I live my life and I am the happiest I’ve ever been”.
Maybe I am still a college student but I’m proud that I am doing exactly what I love, I have passion and I am grateful. Every single day is amazing to me.
 And guess what? This post is dedicated to all of you who want to live freely without feeling the burdens in your hands.

1. Have your own pride and self-respect first
Always believe that you always deserve more than what you can possibly think of if you have respected yourself first before anyone can.

2. Work hard play harder
Work hard to complete all the challenges you have in you life then you’re going to win back a freedom eventually, that’s a freedom for you to start playing harder.

3. Don’t ever lose hopes or being negative at all.
Life is all about having a balance, you all are special and God have made you for the gracious purposes in life, so don't let anyone/anything in life force you to go into darkness and bring you down in the end.

4. Accept and survive
No matter what situation you’re facing; failure in school or office, broken heart, broken home, weight problems, imperfect body shape, endless deadlines, past scars, illness, etc. Remember this, everything happens in life all existed to be valued, when you accept that and you'll survive.

5. Confidence is the key
Whatever you do will look great as long as you’re confident, never mind others think it doesn’t great, once again you don’t live to only give a care to people’s opinions. 


Once in a while we need to follow what we really want rather than bothering our heart about people's subjective judgment. Rule your(own)self :)
Anyway, this outfit taken in October 2014, you could tell from why the heck I am still having my ombre green hair. Sorry! I almost forgot that I have all these photos on my laptop ;p
This post is for you guys who miss my #SRScampuslook post.

| What I Wore : AVENUE shoes / ICE watch / BUNGA necklace + ring / LONGCHAMP bag / EVA DONNA shirt |
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm quite amazed at how time runs so fast, I’ve been staying in Motoling 1 for doing KKN/the community service program/my responsibility as fourth year student for 2 months and I got to say that I learned so much while I’m spending my life in rural area.

“You can have better conversations with people you've never met than those who you've known for years.”
I've tried and done new things, met new people and had to deal with other things that have made me a more informed and better person. Thanks to these lessons;

1. I learn from mistakes
No matter how positive my outlook on life is, there are times when people around me here will knock me down and give me a tough time over things I'm doing in my life. It happened two or three times, I felt the judgments. It truly made me sad and make me want to retreat my life and question what mistakes I did. Now, I learn value thing that I shouldn’t let someone's view on my life or my choices make me feel bad/down. I’m glad everything’s well and goes smoothly nowadays.

2. Kindness is better than good
I learned how to accept people’s opinions and then I move on. People here love to express what they think my life is like, even though their opinions are not relevant and are not true at all. They may be ‘bad’ right now but inside, they may be just programmed differently to me, whatever I’ll dismiss their bad energies. Just breathe, think of what will make me happiest and refocus. Yasss, I can control how I feel and I've always been 'the nice one' which can be frustrating sometimes but I'd rather be nice than anything else.

3. People may have been pushing my buttons for a reaction
The less I give them care, the less they can throw back at you. Now, if someone says something they don't like about me, I’ll keep remembering that I am me and I know myself better than them. People in Motoling 1 teach me how to live the life in a simple way, ignore the unimportant ones, take a deep breath and to calm myself down before I respond it.
4. I'm glad that my life story can be a pinch of inspiration to others
I heard many stories from Athalia, Gracia & Beybi that I’ve been inspiring their friends, their friends love my style (some of them like me personally, Cia said some boys in her high school already became my fans lol I’m so flattered to hear that) and mostly they love what I am doing (blogging) and some of them also want to be a blogger like me too. It’s my pleasure to know that they really want to be friends with me, I don’t mind if they invite my pin bbm or be friend with me on Facebook, I am so happy if I could be friends with them and even to offer advices if they need it.

5. Give in doesn't always mean that person is weak.
Life is all about growing. I had some miss-understanding, miss-communication and had some issues with some friends while I stayed there, I felt annoyed honestly because I was like the one who is always wrong, but now everything’s clears now, we all ten are good friends now because of those joy, sad, happy, epic, annoying, awkward, embracing moments we faced for these past 2 months. I am happy to know you guys all. We’re slowly learning to live peacefully with each other and treat each other as equals.
6. I don’t care what people say about me
I realized that if I'm an enemy to someone, it doesn't always mean that I'm the bad one. It might be that that someone is the one having issues in dealing with life and reality, so here I am, waving goodbye to negative thoughts and bad views. I never wish to dwell in that matters, because there are always two sides to every story.
7. Meeting new people and making the most of every situation.
I never seem to have enough hours in the day, but when I do find a rare moment to breathe, I enjoy spending that time with people in Motoling 1, they are so lovely and humble, even I became friend with MPS (some people know them as bad influencers, they like to fight) but I know that they wont act like that if they don’t have issues with certain people. I know they are kind and gentleman. I miss all the families I’ve known there, I’ll always remember the kindness that they gave to me and my friends, I’ll always remember the moments when I and my friends play badminton with some youth people there, I’ll always remember were asked to visit their gardens just to eat brunch together, to grilled some fishes we catch at their lakes, drink coconut waters, eating their fruits even had some drinks (cap tikur or cakram / their signature liquor) for the sake of togetherness. I am not a good drinker, I only drank a little alcohol trust me ;p I promise I won’t do that again. I’ll always remember the hospitality they gave to us, they serve the best foods for our breakfast, lunch, dinner, they provide cozy place to stay. There are too much best moments I’ve experienced and the kindness I got while I stayed in Motoling 1, I found it hard to write them all here. 
8. Adaptation
One best skill I learned is adapting, I’ve improved to be the better Ollyvia now. In my case, in town I could dress up like I want and wearing colorful clothes that actually make me feel more energetic and simply happy, but here I know the limit because it is not socially acceptable if I dress up like I used to, now I am not changing myself, I am just trying to be more polite and blend with people’s senses of style. My style doesn’t change, it just became a little way simple than you could ever see on my blog posts. I also learn how to helping out wherever and whenever I can, when I'm not asked like cleaning the house when I have a spare few minutes, washing dishes or just chatting about what happen to their life recently, I know now that it can really lift another's spirits quickly :) 
9. Being unhealthy is unhappy
If you read my post on Automatic or following me on path, you might know that I had diarrhea and acute gastritis for 3 days, I couldn’t bear with the pain I felt, almost want to cry at that time because I’ve struggled and thank God I’ve survived. I want to give my great gratitudes to mam Fiane and the people who took care of me while I am sich (and when I am healthy).

10. Smile, thank you, greetings and sorry
People in Motoling 1 is not like most people I’ve seen in Manado or Balikpapan, they are so humble and always smile, saying greetings, sorry & thank you to each others, it makes me think that having a big smile on our faces will make people around us happy too and feel loved. I always try my best to give my best smile to everyone especially when meeting new people. It instantly could make people warm to you and it's actually scientifically proven that smiling reduces your stress levels, that’s not a secret anymore people in Motoling 1 always bleesed with good looking faces because they've got happy faces.
I also want to apologise for the miss-understanding I made, for the unexplained reasons from all the ‘childish’ act & fuss overreactions I gave (which are many people there don’t know the real truth) and the false hope I gave to someone there. Little clarification here, you have a good looking face and I like it only the face. We may not know each other like I know other boys/men there but it’s nice to meet you, it’s true you somehow look like my junior in my junior&high school.
I apologize for the childish things that my friends and people there did/said to you (for gaining the possibility of that untrue story, yeah people are so good at making facts that is not real and good at convincing other people to think the way they think, and I guess it successfully made you believe that it’s all true but it’s not completely true. They like spreading the rumours without knowing it clearly, it annoys me and I think you'd feel the same. I am relieved now you already know the exact storyline and lastly, happy birthday.


Last but not least, people I’ve known in Motoling 1 have all bought me to the person I am today. Thank you for the lessons and the experiences that (most of them) I never experienced here in Manado. Making a home in rural area for so long was never really on my list of priorities in my college years but now it became one of best things of my life. I was there to explore something new, you should try and explore yourself as well because I see no harm in picking up and exploring something new in rural area. In the end, it would be so hard to say goodbye to that all; the local art, music, foods & drinks, tradition, streets, drinks, birds, dogs, houses, especially the people. I’m missing people I’ve known in Motoling 1 now, I always wish and pray you all doing fine there.
Kudos to Gracia Wurangian (the girl who lives at the next door from my guest house) for taking my OOTD shoot at the bridge that connects Motoling 1 & Motoling 2, I like the results. You didn’t know how to take proper photos but after the fast tutorial, I gave one or two lessons, you’ve improved and I’m impressed. 

| What I Wore : Michele Klein slip-ons / AVENUE shirt / Diadora backpack / Rustic Power jacket / Loly Poly iPhone case |
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Welcome to a long visual diary of some of Tokyo’s beauty. These photos I managed to take when I was in Japan last year are way overdue but such a waste not to share. I will share you now about some ‘must-visit’ places to go while you’re in Tokyo.
Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and also the largest city. The first time I saw this city, I told myself that 'this should be my next city to live in when I graduate'. I always believe in love for the first sight. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I've always been in love with Japan that I actually want to live there haha.

Japan has such an interesting culture! Wait, not only the culture but also its scenery, food, technology, fashion, art, the people and everything even if I use all the flowery words I know, it will not suffice to describe how awesome Japan is.

Happy reading <3
Tokyo, one of amazing cities I've always dreamed to visit. I always want to explore more places, Tokyo has surrounded by its pretty buildings and parks. The reason why I love Tokyo is it will introduce me to so many new things, new culture, new characters of people, ah and the fact Tokyo already made me fell in love with its own charms and uniqueness. 
I experienced the heavy rain and typhoon warnings when I arrived in Tokyo, though I didn't hear the sound of the torrential rain.

Asakusa is a district in Taitō, Tokyo. Asakusa is Tokyo's oldest geisha district. Asakusa's main attraction is Sensoji also known as Asakusa Kannon, it is Tokyo's largest Buddhist temple and a major attraction for Japanese and foreigners alike built in the 7th century. The temple is approached via the Nakamise, a shopping street of over 200 meters that has been providing temple visitors with a variety of traditional, local snacks and tourist souvenirs (folding fans, yukata, etc). When approaching the temple, visitors first enter through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), the outer gate of Sensoji Temple and also the symbol of Asakusa and the entire city of Tokyo.
Asakusa can easily be explored on foot. Alternatively, you can consider a guided tour on a rickshaw / jinrikisha, literally called "man powered vehicle".

Shibuya street has got to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited other than Asakusa. The weather was warm enough to wear my dress and to throw on a cute yellow coat (you can see the outfit I wore when I visited Shibuya & Harajuku here on "Kawaguchi in the Morning, Tokyo in the Afternoon").

Shibuya is a center for Youth Fashion & Culture. Shibuya is one of Tokyo's most colourful and busy districts. I miss shopping in Shibuya and witnessing the massive crowds at Shibuya Crossing during peak time collide in the various directions. Shibuya is one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people and as a major nightlife area. Over a dozen major department store branches can be found around the area catering to all types of shoppers. Believe me, every goodies of shopping centers will hypnotised you to bring them to cashier.
*World-Famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing*

If America has New York times square, Japan has Shibuya as Tokyo’s times square, well just look at the huge crosswalk. I could say that Tokyo is a city of pedestrian subways, helping its large number of pedestrians to cross the traffic filled roads in safety and comfort. The subways are wide, clean, and well-lit.
Shibuya Scramble Crossing is located in front of the Shibuya Station Hachikō exit and stops vehicles in all directions to allow pedestrians to inundate the entire intersection. The statue of Hachikō, a dog, between the station and the intersection, is a common meeting place and almost always crowded.
*Shibuya 109*

I miss visiting Shibuya 109, a popular department store designed as a combination of stores and boutiques. Shibuya has sale event once a year in the beginning of the year :) I wish I will get another chance to shopping inside Shibuya 109 because I didn’t have much time to shop at Shibuya 109 last year due to packed schedule :(
Cute socks are so easy to find when you're here :D
Not to mention cute tights <3

Harajuku is the center of Japan's most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles but also offers shopping for adults and some historic sights. I would love to buy a lot of beauty products here! Harajuku is known for selling a wide range of beauty products including cosmetics, skincare products, and makeup. Heaven for girls <3
In order to experience the teenage culture at its most extreme, you can visit Harajuku on a Sunday when many young people gather around Harajuku Station and engage in cosplay or dressed up in unque costumes to resemble anime characters, punk musicians, cute maids, etc.
Street style in Japan really inspiring. No doubt Japan has known as world’s most fashion-forward city, Japanese also known for having various unique fashion styles such as Kogal schoolgirl look, the westernized, hyper-glam Gyaru to the doll-like Lolita with subcategories of sweet, glam, punk, classic and boyish, the Decora look and cosplay (Costume Play). 
Kiddy Land, a toy paradise in Harajuku.
Famous cafe crepe Harajuku.
Shoe paradises <3
Harajuku refers to the area known as Japan's most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles, but also offers shopping for adults and some historic sights. The focal point of Harajuku's teenage culture is Takeshita Street / Takeshita Dori which is lined by many trendy shops, fashion boutiques, clothes stores, crepe stands and fast food outlets geared towards the fashion and trend conscious teens.
Fitting room at H&M Harajuku street.


2 Chome-3-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan

Hours :
6.00am to 5.00pm
(October to Match it is open from 6.30am)

2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan

Hours :
it depends on the individual shops, usually it's open from 9.00am to 7.00pm

3. SHIBUYA 109
2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan

Shopping hours :
10.00am - 9.00pm

Restaurants :
11.00am - 10.00pm

Closed day :
1st January


Hours :
10.00am - 9.00pm

1:30 AM