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Today, my GREATEST MAN in the world is getting older.
He is 47th right now but he is forever young at every sense of the word, and in his day, I would like to take this moment to say...........

Have a great year ahead, may Jesus always shower dad with unlimited blessings, joy, happiness, health, wealth, wisdom, may you have meaningful and prosperity life. amen :)
I and mom always love you, daddy :*

I admire my dad for his honesty, his kindness, his simple-life, I say my dad is a hard-worker, although he is not as cool as brad pitt, not as rich as bill gates, but my daddy is a complete daddy packages to me. yeah i proudly say it. At home, we seldom talk each others, because we're so shy to open up our minds, not like my mother, my dad is one of person with self-conscious, but the most important is he always comes through for me whenever I need him for sure. He is one of my big inspiration of life :)
Well, time is running fast, I am first year of student college, I’m going to be eighteen in this month as well and once again, I cant believe, my dad is 47th and my mom was having her 45th birthday on September, 22nd, last month, whoah we grow as fast as time runs, right? I only keep on praying, believing and doing my best. I often I feel worried, I’m asking my self 'will I be a great daughter for them?’ or ‘Could I be their proudness?' d’oh so many thoughts in my mind. Now all I want to do is to make my parents proud of me, I don’t want to be and wont be a disappointing daughter for Jesus and them, wish I could be a high quality person for both of them, family, and everyone around me. Yeah I hope so :)



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