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I am now eighteen,  
I’m not a kid, not yet an adult. I am something in between :)
Whoa, yeay GOODNESS!
I just woke up and saw a ton of birthday wishes and voices notes from gorgeous people on my phone, especially my king daddy and my queen mama :).
Thank you thank you so much, it means a lot to me :'D

Too bad, this year I couldn’t celebrate this special day with my beloved parents, because I’m in Manado and they're in Balikpapan ;')
So much things that have to be thankful for, my life is so blessed because of The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, He has given what i really need so far. I’m really glad of being His Daughter :)
Model Talks knit cape, Ram Roll tartan blouse, Guess watch ; Monol watch, JJ jeans
Here are few pictures of the party which was held at my auntie's house in Malalayang 1 :D
This is the birthday girl :) 



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