Being Judged

1:24 PM

Honestly, kind of contrast feeling, without knowing from others,
I always found by my self when some people talked and labeled me as an arrogant, 
as a reckless, as a rude, as an annoying, as an unfriendly, as an unkind, as a selfish, as a whatsoever person.
I know, they might dislike me or whatsoever. Whether it’s right, or it’s not. It doesn’t really bother me for sure. 
Above all the judges, the only thing I could say is I consider my self as a nice person, I shouldn’t be angry or mad, I'd rather stay calm when I hear those negative labels, I have no right to judge them back. 
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Warning : BEFORE you start labeling person, MAKE SURE you don’t judge based from your only point of view, you don't have the right to make a judgment on someone based on something you've seen or heard once, you should do an observation, exploring the truth, and knowing more about the person, and watch your words :)



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