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As a student college, being far away from my parents is a new challenge for me, a new chapter that must be done alone by staying in this city, I have to be more independent, luckily I am not that a loner, I live with mom’s big families in here, yes I live with my aunty who is my mother’s old sister, she and her husband and her son are taking care of me so much, they are so kind, they have been liked my second family, after my real parents of course, by the way I really miss my mom and dad so bad :’)

When God withholds a desire it is only because He wants to bestow something that He knows is better.
-Joyce Meyer-

When I read this quote, my heart aching, I’ve gotten God’s plan which is leading me into public health world not medical world.
At the first, I was having trouble dealing with that path, yeah it’s not easy to give your dream up just because it wasn’t meant to be :(
Time runs, mind change, I should keep moving on, I should and must be grateful for this opportunity, there are still much people who are eager to get education but they couldn’t because of some reasons.

Every one knows that God’s plans are way too good than our own plans, so here I am, try looking forward to have new directions by staying in this city for years, live the life and enjoying my self as a public health student, the gold path which God’s given to me. Maybe, this time I wasn’t able to achieve my real dream, I’ll keep praying every day that someday I could make it come true. Keep positive thinking and be wise :)
Lanelle flats, Ka meidi's leopard printed scarf, Mom's black white top, Unknown brown skirt + rings, Handmade rounded necklace, Thyo Pernik studded bow necklace (a souvenir from novi)

So happy to know that c550d's done serviced, cant wait till it's in my hands again. Uyeah :D

Pictures taken by Meidiana Rachmani



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