Keep Doing What Is Right To You and Do Not Be Fooled

9:21 AM

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”
-M Gandhi-

Too many of us are not living our passions because we are living our fears, kind of bad habit. I’m in progress to change my self to be better person every day, I admit it, sometime I’m such a coward and always feel that I am not good enough, like I’m afraid to do or to say something that I really want to do or to say just because I consider about what people are gonna say when I did that, I might be not able to do something new nicely like every one does. Yeah, it sounds like my life depends on people thoughts. But I’m trying to live in fearless.

People may judged like they know everything, but why bother when we know that ain’t right at all. So go confidently in the direction of our dreams and passions, live the life the way we have imagined. To do what you wanna do is the most important. And never give up on what you love to do. Keep on believing in what you believed, it’s your rights, but don’t forget to keep respecting other’s :)
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