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"Learn to enjoy your journey and don’t be intent on being where you are not"
-Joyce Meyer-

I live new day, new experience, new challenge, new thought, new lesson, everything is about new, I shouldn’t worry too much to face that, because I have the greatest God ever, Jesus is only source of my strength, He will always be with me every time and every where.


 What are you gonna do when you find too many things to settle and to be done as soon?
I only could breathe and do the thing I have to do although I feel upset a little.
Honestly, I really had horrible and stressful week again, every day was about presenting, a lots of group task this week, and the worst part was i couldn’t control my temper when I met (and had to talk) with some selfish and irresponsible people, actually i dislike ordering people to do something, but they made me to do that. Pffhh to do something must hear my order first, 
I had been so frustrated on those days but they have successfully done. 
But, nothing last forever, there’s still another individual task and group task that have to be done this week. Now im still working on it :)

Happy Weekend Gorgeous, have a productive day :)
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