Not Confident Enough

1:23 AM

That moment when you imagine your self as a good public speaking and you can't even make it happen, just because you’re not confident enough. 
Whoah can you imagine how bad is that?
It happens in my life, usually. Totally killing my character, I’ve been realizing about how coward my self is, people around me might know me as a talk active and creative person, or as a super hyperactive and boldness person. 
Big no, yeah I'm sorry that I'm not the person who you thought I was. 
Real fact, I am a coward, especially when I have to speak in front of public or people who are older than me, I feel like it’ll be much easier to write my words and ideas and let people read my words than have to speak out and let people hear my words, d’oh when I stand in front of people, suddenly all ideas and words in my mind disappear and turned me out to be a statue. 
It’s embarrassing, eh? It’s disaster.
Im really disappointed at my self for not having enough boldness to try something new that I’ve never done before. 
Oh what to do? I wish I could change that bad habit as soon ;/



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