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Another sunny day on Sunday.
Anyway Happy Easter good people. 
Let’s start our day with smile and feel the sun shining within you :)

So this is one of my campus look, just simple look, right? 
Wear skirt + blouse as our 'uniform' is a must outfits to be worn for all girls who study in this faculty. And I'm fine with that rule :) 
I asked my friend to take some pictures of me after attended the opening of 3rd Dies Natalis Public Health faculty and also celebrated prof. dr. Umboh's birthday bash.
(all pictures were taken a month ago).
Converse shoes, Aki blouse, Unknown pleated skirt, Casio watch
Talk about movie, I watched Showbiz Korea weekend last night talked about Architecture 101.
I'm eager to watch it since the actress is Suzy 'Miss A', I love her style, so adorable and fashionable. 
Yes, without doubt, most of Korean people are stylish, they really have good sense of fashion. I give my two thumbs up for their fashion style, and of course for Korean drama and K-pop.
Uwaaawh, if I have a chance, I really want to fly to Seoul and meet with 2pm, and the other Korean celebrities, haha I hope someday I could make it happen, oh Jesus, make this dream happen :) *fingers crossed*
Architecture 101



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