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1:00 AM

This day is the third day of the week and im pretty sure to claim this week as a rough one for me, been realized that nothing comes easy lately, I’m giving an example like the moment you expect about something and it just came the opposite from what you expected. Totally annoying ey?*sigh*
Life never goes the way we want it to be, but never lose our hopes, we still have amazing God. Have faith
-Ollyvia Laura-
Okay, stop complaining, it's so funny how I easily get worried and stressed at the same time. I should start thanking for everything I've gotten whether it’s bad or good, and for all the sadness or happiness I’ve been through, because something came for a reason, right? I know there's a good way on it and I still have Greatest God, He never leave me alone :)

Avenue boots / Cool Teen jeans / Mom's jacket / Ripcurl watch / Gifted bag (from Ka Endini) / Art Fashion ring / Naughty ring

Pictures taken by Meidiana Rachmani



  1. Perfect spring outfit, definitely really cool! I love your jacket, it's the appropriate splash of colors <3
    Well done, girl !!

  2. thank you :) you know, i took that jacket from my mom's closet. it was really eye catching when i saw it, so i grabbed it ;D

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