Everything Happens For Reason

11:46 PM

Things aren't always as comfortable as we seem. Things don't happen as we expect. 
Things don't always bring happiness or sadness. Things don't always work perfectly as we want.
As we grow older, it becomes difficult to just believe or imagine. We have to take action and reaction to everything. 
Don't give up easily when we fail, when we're being rejected or ignored by people. It usually happens in our life, there must be reason in everything happened in our life. Don't be sad, don't be going down. We have to move forward. Too much has happened that we just can't sit and wish it'll be done by itself without giving reactions and actions.
Stand up. Do something. Be active. Change the world.
Gosh wedges, Unbranded blouse + bag + ring, Ripcurl watch, J.Rep blazer, A L'aveuglette pleated skirt.
Bata shoes, Unbranded belt + bracelets



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