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"Sometimes it just takes a little drama to find out who your friends are"

Most of us having our own friendship. 
In fact, friends isn't a big thing, they just like family, important people in our life. Agree?
With them, we can do things we love, screw those who bring us down, we can be who truly we are, learn how to appreciate each other, and how we try understanding when we don't understand.

Friends will tell you the truth whether it's bad or not, they laugh at your jokes when it is not funny at all, they hear and give empathizes with your problems, they never get in your way unless you happen to be going down, they are with you when you're in trouble, they can be silent with you in a moment of despair or confusion, they tolerate not knowing, not curing, not even healing, they don't easily get offended when you insult them, they just smile and call you something even more offensive, they speak fearlessly on any subject, the most important is they know all about you, and still like you.

Sounds weird but that's friends for real, we do anything for the sake of friendship :)
Hilltop shoes, J.Rep pants, Cherry Blossom top
When I first met them, I really had no idea that they would become such good friends and silly sisters at the same time :') 
I am completely grateful and honored to have friends in my life.
So needed to be said : you should all be thankful for those people who you call as friends too. 
Hold your friends with care, and keep your heart softer than your head :)

The best time to make friends is before you need them.
-Ethel Barrymores-



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