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I really loved to read manga, when I was in junior high school, I liked to collect manga/comic, especially Hai Miiko and Namaku Miiko, I learned so many lessons from the characters, about being my self, and say whatever I want to say, do some fool things with friends with no regret, and my favorite character is Eguchi Tappei, he just so cool the way he is.
Nowadays I dont collect manga anymore, you know the price of comics these days, it's pretty expensive right? Back when I was a junior high school student, I bought all comics around Rp 8.000,00 or 8k, and now the price of comics around $1,7-2,4. Can you see the differences huh?
Art Fashion golden ring / Lanelle flats / Frida polka dots skirt / Adidas watch / Unbranded ethnic bag / Masa II top

Pictures taken by Ceryn Turyanto



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