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I’ve been busy taking care of the requirements of scholarship which held by UNSRAT. Speaking about scholarship I remember I once retweeted a tweet from Claudia, she was my junior at high school and now she lives in Texas, her tweet was about scholarship, I’ve been saved her words because I one hundred percent do agree with hers. She tweeted like this “I dont know why scholarship institutions ask student WHY they need scholarships. Duh, BECAUSE COLLEGE PAYMENTS ARE EXPENSIVE”
Yes, college payments are expensive, so different from elementary or high school payments.
When I entered college life, I feel the real life. Have tons of assignments, group tasks, presentations, and exams to deal with, must have been hard. I can't even have my meal in peace. Being in college are the hardest part of my life but mom and dad make it easier for me to enjoy this “college chapter”.
Back to scholarship topic, most of you would say that scholarship is only for poor student, I wonder what's the ultimate goal of scholarship, if it’s only given for them? It’s totally fine if they really deserve it (they are smart but the parents couldn’t pay the college payments), but how about the scholarship student with all that bad scores after getting scholarship? As I know, in college life, there’s a chance to improve all scores after facing the final exams, once again I say WHAT’S THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF SCHOLARSHIP if some of scholarship student didn’t want to study hard because they thought there’s a remedial so they didn’t worry at all about studying? Im sure, that case still happens in this life.
Think clearly, please no jumping into your own conclusions, all of us (the student) need scholarship and in my opinion, family economy background is not the only one condition to get scholarship, as long as we get high scores, I guess we deserve it.
I join this scholarship just because in my opinion, I deserve it, I got great score, thanks a lot to Jesus Christ, I’ve been focused studying as best as I can, struggling to keep my spirit of studying up while my brain is screaming in silence, because sometimes when I’m studying, I have a moment where I should force my self to study topics I have no interest in.

By joining this scholarship I hope I’ll be able to pay my own tuition fee, or at least I could pay the half cost of the tuition. The most important is as their daughter, I want to give back to my parents who have raised me until now, in order to make them happy and proud of me :)
So, I need you (gorgeous readers) to wish me luck

LOVE, Ollyvia



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