When The Sun Goes Down

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Another new pictures on Something Real Serious :)
This is kinda late, I wore this outfit (except the brown ankle boots, I wore Charles and Keyte studded black wedges) on Good Friday when I went to church (thanks to ka meidi who helped me to took outfit shots)
I spotted that vintage polkadot top at mom’s closet, her closet is really full of awesome stuffs (from classic to really quirky ones), some of hers I stole and took them with me to Manado and indirectly become mine ^.^
I honestly say that this week has been good, many good things happened, although I've been feeling back pain lately plus taking the fact that I have no any communication tools for a while, yap my blackberry broken 3 weeks ago, now Im waiting for the new one from my parents (wish they will buy me the one that I’ve been dying to have this month). Amen :D
Frida polka dots top with sheer sleeves, Jane Marple skirt, Scrada brown ankle boots, Adidas Watch, Unknown hat + bracelets
Pictures taken by Meidiana Rachmani



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