Inauguration Night

5:15 PM

 My self with natural make-up, is it good?

Got nothing to do after finishing my exam today, now I'm about to share my experience when I was being a master of ceremony on faculty’s inauguration night (show your interest, because this is so year ago! hehehe)
 It was so hard actually, because I am not really good at speaking in front of public, but the time when I was chosen to be a MC, I don't know why I said yes, so that I had a commitment to that, I have to stick with it, yeah every human being needs to try something new, right? 

Inauguration really drove me dead tired. But it was all paid off. Being MC is fun even though I wasn't good enough that night. 
Some people say that we all have to do something new in our lives, yes I already tried my best, and now I've got conclusion that being a master of ceremony isn't my thing, totally not my style, it doesn't suit to me, so awkward and uncommonly, but at least, I already tried something new in my life. Thanks for opportunity btw :)
 Zachary and me on the stage
On the backstage
Avenue shoes, Pentyhose tights, Bunga necklace, Unknown rings + bracelets, Boutique's dress, Casio watch
Mississippi top, Unbranded glasses



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