Two Best Moments in Senior High School Year

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Hello, gorgeous people :) I can't believe it's already weekend again! This week has been passed pretty fast, hasn’t it? Hope you really have a great Saturday and Happy Kartini Day, Indonesian Women :)

"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”
-Jeremy Irons-

I read this quote from Ruth’s twitter, she was my desk-mate in junior high school and also my schoolmate in senior high school, one of my close friends. She lives in San Fransisco now, hope someday I could visit her. Amen :D I miss her so much, to talk about our silly dreams and share our stories. Im sure she’ll be success in there. I pray the best for her.
Anyway, this day is exactly the last day when I and all 12nd grade students in Indonesia finished the National Exam last year. Can’t describe how happy we were on that day.
This time, I want to share old pictures (again) and suddenly Prom Night and Yearbook Photo Shoot were crossing in my mind. So, this post is going to be filled by a lot of prom night and yearbook photo shoot pictures, woo-hoo (actually the idea came out when I read all juniors tweets on timeline, their tweets were about their prom night which is be held tonight).

Prom Night at Grand Senyiur Hotel, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan
My mom and my aunty collaborated made this dress for me. Major LOVE :)
These two handsome guys who I call as my brothers had been my best partners for the past 3 years, I miss them a lot
Novi and Pram won The Best Couple of 2011 Award
Yearbook photo shoot at Debby's house
Location : Balikpapan Baru housing complex
I'll mark those moments as the best moments of my senior high school year :')
Seriously, I always wanted to freeze the happy times and stayed there and never moved forward. If only I could……



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