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3:00 AM

Weekend. Weekend. And……. WEEKEND !
Ohhhhh I couldn’t be happier considering the fact that I can lay on my bed all day long, whoaaah life is good when it's not at college hahaha

I’m bored with all photos that I’ve got on my laptop. 
Truth to be told, there aren’t new pictures of my blog lately, those pictures were so last year, yes I couldn’t take new picture since my own camera is still in Balikpapan (I wish my mom will send my camera real soon), ey I really need it back into my hand, can't stand to play with it again, to take pictures wherever I want to and of course with new look of my self :)
But don’t worry :) I promise I’ll post with bunch of new pictures when I get my camera back.
Keep loving me, gorgeous people :D



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