CAMPUS LOOK : Dies Natalis

10:28 AM

Tomorrow public health faculty of Sam Ratulangi University is going to celebrate 3rd anniversary, which means 7days ahead will be full of events like basketball competition, volley competition, futsal competition, FKM Idol, FKM got talent, etc. So excited! This is actually my very first experience to join those events as new student at this college and also to be one of committe of section scientific events. Hope all plans have been drawn up is going well and run smoothly
In fact my real name is ollyvia not olivia, too bad the secretariat section wrote my name wrong *sigh*
PX Style shoes, Orchard House skirt, Unbranded bag + leather belt, Ripcurl watch, Chamy Pic top
Today is the last day of this week I studied at campus because we (all parts of public health people) will be entering a week of Dies Natalis public health faculty tomorrow, I extremely excited to not thinking about college things and its friends for one week hahaha.
Btw, this is my another "campus look of the day". Those pictures are new (finally), my friend took two of pictures above this afternoon before the class started.

Pictures taken by Fista Kipu



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