As Flat As My Flat Shoes

12:32 PM

Just want to share our last trip in Central Java. Pictures were taken in front of Lawang Sewu, Semarang

can't explain why but I'm feeling so lazy lately, I'm feeling particulary bad. It seems like my life is as flat as my flat shoes.
I just do same boring activities all over again. wake up - take a bath - have brunch - go to campus (honestly, I pretty much didn't pay attention in every subject I had in the past two days) - go home - take a bath - watch TV - and sleep. So unproductive ey? The worst part is I postpone to do parasitology assignments because the deadline still far (this is totally a disaster, the laziness in me comes in the wrong time, two weeks left I'm going to face final exams, GOSH what's wrong with my self???), I even feel lazy to post new entry on my blog (Im forcing my self to resizing and uploading those pictures above), pardon me guys for being lazy, yeah I can be so lazy sometimes -_-
I dont know why am I being like this? feel like I have no spirit to do anything, usually I’d rather keep myself active than waste my life away. D'oh I wish I could push away this laziness.
Seriously, I don't want my life to be boring. God, please help me to be more diligent T.T
I really want and need to be a productive person.



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