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Another story from me (again)
Well, I guarantee you definitely are bored hearing my story. 
But I need to write it. It may seems very boring.
A lot of things in the past week that really surprised me. Do you ever feel rejected? I do and it just happened yesterday. I felt little bit disappointed when I hear the news from my aunt, it’s all about the scholarship that I’ve told you on my previous blog (you can read the post HERE)
I often made promises to my parents (to make them happy, literally), and most of them I have not been able to make it happen. I feel so bad :”(
Yesterday, I called my mom and told her about the news, she said “It’s ok. You’ve tried, don't worry you still have another opportunities”.
It was relieved to hear her wise words, they don't bother with that news. Yeah, my parents are still able to pay the entire cost of tuition and I joined scholarship because of my own in order to make them happy, because I’ve been receiving a lot from my parents. I'm very thankful for what they've been giving to me.
They always convince me someday I’ll be their proudness. Every time I think about myself, I feel like I'm such a blessed girl. I’m totally happy to have them as my parents. A lovely parents who always love me and support me.
New thing I learnt in the past week, a valuable lesson to learn that everything doesnt work out the way I hope sometimes. But whenever something bad happens, I just have to tell myself that it happens for a reason and keep believing that Jesus will never leave me alone :)

Anyway, have a nice monday, stop hating Monday, and always remember that God is blessing you right now, so be grateful. GOD is great. :) 

P.S : I apologize if you find out so many grammar mistakes. I'll keep trying to improve my English.

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