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Had a chance to meet these girls, Rieny and Ade when I spent my holiday in Balikpapan, such a relief.
Rieny (the girl who tied her hair) was my schoolmate and also my best partner in basketball’s world. She was a captain of basketball in our school, now she learns at Gadjah Mada University. The other girl is Ade, she is also a basket player, a good player, she’s the mature one, that’s why I, Rieny, Kak Endini call her as our ‘mommy’. By the way I missed a chance to meet Ka Endini, Ka angie and Fanny. I hope I could meet them anywhere as soon as possible.
Rieny and I
In the past two days, I got call from my mother, she said that my canon 550D will be sent in June, she asked her friend to bring it in June, so that means I have to wait (again) *sigh* actually I cant stand any longer to improve my skill to take picture with my own camera. I really need to learn a lot more about the camera. If you guys are great at taking picture, please allow me to know the trick to get nice picture, please :))

And here are some of my pictures that I took using canon 550D before it was sent away to Jakarta, they are way better than the pictures on the previous post, right? (the previous pictures I took using canon 1100D, thanks to Ka Medi, who have been patiently taking my pictures when she wasn’t busy)



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