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12:29 AM

A quick + random post before I hit the bed.
Picture above was taken on the first day of DIES NATALIS event last month.

Truth be told, 3 days in a row I went to sleep very late (and this day will be the fourth times), blame to those things (I mean tasks) which have to be finished this week. Kind of big pressures.....pffffh stop complaining.....I have to survive....
By the way I just got call from my daddy this evening, he told that he found his new hobby, at the first of our conversation I really had no idea why he asked a lot of questions about my camera (as you know, my canon 550D still in Balikpapan) since I know that he dislikes to discuss about photography world, but unexpectedly he said that he's interested in taking pictures now (he used to be interested in filming and documenting events).
Well, I guess I'll have my personal photographer if I come back to Balikpapan :D



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