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Hello gorgeous people,
Im back blogging again. Finally the exam days are over, I feel happy and worried at the same time, happy because holiday has come and worried about the results of the examinations, I only can pray and hope for the best *crossed fingers*

Now, let’s talk about the outfit photos, I managed my self to bring my camera (horay my baby canon has arrived in my hands now) to the campus and asked my friend Christiani to take the photos after finishing the last exam.

Anyway, I am going to post about the wedding of my teacher’s brother at MGP last two weeks. I and my friend Shera had been asked to be freelance photographers along with the real photographers of course. So wait it on Thursday guys :)

I and Christiani Kanilo, yap she is the one who is always willing to take my photos while we're at campus :D
Cubica sailor blouse / Unknown belt + skirt / TLTSN shoes



  1. hi! i love the combination between the skirt and top :) simple but lovely :D

    btw, mind to follow me back dear? here, eudoraeudoraa.blogspot.com

  2. You have amazing style, love the outfit!


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