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12:09 PM

As I promised this post is about the wedding of my lecturer's brother that I told on the previous post. So sorry I've been busy lately, attended yudisium (thank God I got the great scores) on friday, attended student congress as a newly member of Senat Mahasiswa FKM 2012-2013 on saturday, and took a photo shoot on saturday afternoon and sunday evening (so happy, I really had those productive days).

So for you who wait about this post, here are some photos of the wedding I took. Enjoy :)

The venue : Manado Grand Palace, Manado
The princess and the prince on that night : Kak Febby and Kak Chris
Happy Wedding Kak Febby and Kak Chris
And this is mner Oks, Shera, Ollyvia (myself), and doctor Jeini

I am gonna post my outfit photos on the wedding tomorrow, stay tune :)



  1. amazing pics and we so much love the brides dress!


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  2. great wedding party :)


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