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Pardon me because I don't fulfill my promise to post about the wedding of my teacher's brother today because I'm still in process to choose the best shots in 500 photos, and you know it takes time to resize and edit the photos, right?
And today I decide to post about the sneak peak of my outfit to the wedding. All photos were taken when I and my friend waited for dr Jeini and Mner Oks to pick us up to the wedding.
Casio watch / Jrep pastel dress / Star blazer / Art Fashion ring / Unbranded hat

Photos by Andris Shera Selviana



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  2. you look lovely! oh i'm excited about wedding pictures, post the best ones!


    1. you are as well..
      oh, i already posted about the wedding, check my new post :)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you helena :) same here, the case is one of my favorite one


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