Until The Rains Start Coming Back

11:22 AM

Took the pictures a few weeks ago, thanks to Dica who was willing to take my outfit pictures. But too bad, the heat was unbearable that day and the sun was shining too shiny.
Tons of things happened yesterday, I cried a lot when I had a long conversation with mom, I told her everything what I’ve felt and been through in the past two weeks that ironically had successfully make me stressed and felt the guilty. Some people blamed me because the thing I didn’t do, it wasn’t even my false. What an awful weeks.
Mom listened my talks carefully and patiently, she gave me powerful words to keep me motivated and becoming stronger than before. To not overthinking about everything, cause it just leads me into negative thoughts and bad mood literally. She told me to always believe in Jesus who always give us the strengths we need.

 Whoah, so good after having a long conversation with mom. She has a power to make me calm, she is the only trusted person who I shared my dreams with, she is the one I can talk almost everything with, from juicy gossip, serious talk to future plans.

Yeah that's my mom :)) Thanks mom for everything.

Been realized that nothing comes perfect, I might had those happy moments, great, joyful and cheerful days, but there’s still the day that has sadness and its awful moments which were sent out to this life purposely (out of any particular explanation), but I believe that the ups and downs things were meant to make my life keep in balance :)

To those people who love underestimated I and my parents because some reasons, thank you very much, because ‘you’, we grow stronger, and getting better each day. Trust me, no one can beat my little family :)
Well, it was such a stressful day, hope this day and the next will get better, better, better and better...amen
Have a productive day good people :)

Converse shoes / Unknown striped top + printed skirt + belt / Urban Rose hat

Pictures by Dicanoshita Christy Pandelaki



  1. Lovely photos :) and cute look!
    btw, I have my first international giveaway.. mind joining? thanks dear..

  2. you look so adorable! loving you funky style!


  3. your flowery skirt is so lovely :3
    Mind to follow me back btw? I'm following you now xoxo

    Love, Ina--

  4. Hi Ollyvia! I love seeing you wearing those sneakers with this outfit, it looks so cool! And btw I'm using Canon EOS 1000D to take my pictures :)

    1. seriously? woow you are really great cliff, love seeing your photos...it looks taken by professional camera, you know.

  5. nice outfit! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :))

  6. what a great printed skirt! :)

    i've been followed your blog, mind to follow me back?


  7. love the skirt <3
    wanna follow each other? come and join my giveaway too!

  8. I hope your problems solve soon dear :) I always talk to my mom too when I have problems that makes me stressed out :/
    don't listen to those who talk bad about you, if you think you've done nothing wrong, just ignore them :)

    Anyway, love your skirt!! Look good on you!

    P.s: following you now xx

    1. what a nice and wise words. thanks dear. im touched :')

  9. cute skirt <3


  10. You're adorable! I love the bag :D

    Aw I'm sorry to hear that things haven't been great for you lately. My mum always gives me so much encouragement too. One thing she said really stuck with me. She said 'you have to accept that things are not always going to go according to plan, but that's life'. We always start to think things like 'why did this happen to me' 'why is my life so crap', but in the end you have to remember that life is just random, things happen that we can't control, and we don't have to dwell on them!

    Anyway I hope you feel better!


  11. nice skirt and shoes:) mind to follow back?

  12. u wrote my name... *touched* *bombay cry* :p just found ur blog when I search my name by myself... hahaha :D thanks a lot btw... :)


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