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Do you gusy still remember about FAB project?
I once talked about it on (here)
As I promised, today I will share some pictures of mine for FAB project.
As human being, all of us has own bullied stories because we are living in the middle of unpredictable creatures, right?
You might have read some of my bullied stories (here) , (here) , (here) and (here)
However the judgments of others could bring big (or small) influential factors in my life. One thing I dislike from myself is that I'm a kind of person who think/worry too much, yeah I used to be a person who cares much about people’s judges. But I learned a lot from the judgments and realized that I am too cool to care about what people are saying about myself and my life :)
And now I take this chance to talk another story, it’s about my style and my blog.
Yep some people (here and there) have labeled me as a freak person because of my style and of course my blog. According to them, it’s so weird and unusual to have a blog and they think my style is also weird and not stylish at all. 
Well, when I started making this blog, it was just for me to have my own visual diary so I could remember about what all experience, all stories, all opportunities I’ve been through in my life.
By having blog, I could express and share what I think, what I want, and of course what I wear (most of posts on this blog about my look/outfit) every time I get dressed for the day, I’m declaring something about myself. This blog also help me to remember about which items I already wore.
For some people who think that this blog is a place to show off what I have or to gain popularity, you guys completely wrong, this blog is a place wherein I could share my personal life and show how I dress up as myself.
Yes I’m letting people know who I am and what I’m about through this blog.

About my look?
I never say that I’m a stylish person, I’m just a girl who always learn how to look good.
I never good at fashion but I’m having fun with fashion even though all of my outfits just simple, yeah I am nothing as compared to the other fashion bloggers or lookbook-ers. I feel like an amateur next to them!
Ey, I really don’t take fashion too seriously dear :))
Enough with my talk, now back to topic.
Yup! I joined the campaign and in my opinion, FAB is really awesome with its creative concept.
FAB is like a place where we can find freedom of expression, freedom of dressing up as ourselves.
So you guys should take a chance to participate FAB.
Let’s join FAB project by simply click this picture below



  1. nice post :)
    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)?
    i do love do the same if you love too :)


  2. hi! following you now :-) thank you for visiting my blog :-) keep in touch :-)

  3. Hi lovely, great blog!

    Now following :)

    Please check out mine if you can, looking forward to your next post! :)


  4. thanks for the sweet comment!

    cute top!


  5. i actually love this outfit! the skirt and the belt, meets those shoes? very unexpected but it kinda worked out!


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