CAMPUS LOOK : Stay Positive And Keep Myself On Track

9:16 PM

Here's what I wore to school in the yudisium day in the past two weeks !Haha have you been realized that I finally found my self-confidence to take my outfit pictures around school, actually this place is my favorite spot because I could take a lot of pictures without getting people’s stares ;p
On another note. I am very thankful for a great score/IP that I got in this second semester,I didn't expect any of this. A thousand thanks to God :) yes I’m so thankful to our God. Without His companion, I wouldn't get a good achievement like this :) thanks Jesus.
My chubby face :(
Today is not really a good day for me, I guess. Everything went wrong for me today. I ate a lot, I slept longer, I woke up late, and the worst I had to pay twice for my phone’s anti glare in a day, which means that I already changed my phone’s anti glare third times in a month. What a waste. I only can hope that tomorrow will be a good day for me, you and everyone else.

TLTSN shoes / gifted and handmade headband (worn as belts) / unbranded bag + skirt / Cessorie blouse



  1. congratss for the great IP! :D
    hmm, may i know where is the place this photo was taken? looks familiar on my mind :-/

    1. thank you..
      ha? are you living in manado too?
      it was taken at two places,,near my campus (faculty of public health, unsrat) and kfc magmas..

  2. i love that pop of bright belts, really cute! congrats on the grades!


  3. i love your shirt and the colorful tail as your belt <3
    very lovely ..

  4. You look so cute! And I know what you mean with people staring. I also have the same problem. I always feel so uncomfortable then. Especially when they start talking to you and say things like 'smile!' or 'strike a pose'. Bleh!


    1. hahahhaa you are totally right...
      but whatever people say, life must go on, we just do what we want to do :)

  5. Cute outfit, I love your shoes and your bag :)

  6. love your headband, em or belt :) haha cute

  7. what a honor :) im trying my best to post something which could inspire people :)

    thanks nun :) you are too kind

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