CAMPUS LOOK : I'm Dancing On My Own

3:57 AM

Hello !
Finally I get a chance to entry new post today, actually I wanted to post it two days ago because this outfit were taken two months ago (yeah, two months ago) but I wasn't able to do that, it's not about I already became a busy bee but it's because I got diarrhea (what a shame haha).
I regret I didnt take care of myself, but now I'm one hundred percent health. thank God :)
I spent my two days on my bed, watched Running Man all day long, but I still went to campus though.
That's all. Now you got it, you should stay healthy and be wise, people :))
Anyway, I just heard the new song of Pixie Lott, she is featuring with these dorkiest and coolest guys ever G-Dragon&TOP - dancing on my own, and I really love the song, the lyric is good. You better listen this song now, highly recommended.

"I remember we were living like Kings and Queens

In the little tiny castle made of hopes and dreams
It was destiny, it was meant to be
We were so complete, the perfect team
And suddenly there's a glitch in the system
And between us is a big strip of distance
They say it's supposed to make the heart grow fonder
For more like I can tell it couldn't be wronger

A little bit of more goes a long way
A little bit of right goes the wrong way
I keep giving, you keep taking
I'm trying to make a living be patient"

vintage pastel skirt + pipe collar top + belt / TLTSN shoes / Ice watch / ethnic bag / Loly Poly iPhone case



  1. the red polka is very cute <3

  2. love your skirt dear :)

  3. you look really cute with that red polka dot shirt xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. You look so cute! Love the shirt!


  5. Really cute outfit! :)

  6. i super love that dotted shirt! oh i fall sick every now and then too, we must take care of ourselves better girl!


  7. This look is beyond adorable. I love that red polka dot blouse and you paired it perfectly with the skirt.

  8. This top and bag are sweeeet!!

    Loving your blog,
    adorn la femme

  9. I loves polkadot very much and I fall in love with ur red polka blouse !!<3

  10. beautiful outfit!



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