Dear Mom, Happy Birthday To You

1:30 PM

Today I wont talk about my personal life, if you read my twitter or see my instagram, you might know that today my mom is having her birthday, she has turned a year older, so this post is dedicated to my beloved best friend and guardian.
Dear Mom,
I really cant believe the time ticking too fast, mom is getting older, you are already 46 year-old.
I know I cant love you more than how much you love me, but I love you the most from this world, you are my biggest blessing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SUPER BELOVED MOTHER,  may all the good things come forward into you in every way, stay healthy and wealthy, mom and never stop loving me and dad <3 may God bless us always :) For a daughter who doesn't know any better about anything, I thank you very much for giving me life and raising me this beautifully with your unconditional love. Thank you for trusting in every decision I’ve made and always support me, as a woman, I’m really proud of you, mom, sending you lots of love from here! :*

Sincerely, your daughter.
This year, I randomly gave mom two random stuffs as her presents, I gave her a glove for baking because she loves to bake cakes and not to forget, her favorite lipstick as well. I hope mom likes it :)



  1. you buy / make the glove by yourself? love the color. and happy birthday for your mom (:


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