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9:45 PM

Life is good.
Thank You God for giving me a life, and thanks for lovely family, friends and all the people You've put in my life, they mean a lot to me :)
Sometimes, I keep making plans for the future, sometimes I re-remembered the past, but now I know, the planet I live keeps doing rotation and revolution, the time I have always ticking and the sun and the moon will change everyday, and we who live in this earth keep growing up and older.

No one waits you.

When you were born, God already had great plans in your life. Life is like "once you are enter, you cant quit", you cant look back your past nor see what's going to happen in the future. So that, I just go with the flow.
Learn from yesterday, expectation is too fragile, we should face what's in front of us and solve every problems quickly and always keep learning, because once we stop learning, obviously we will forget what we already know.
Happy Sunday, may God always bless us in everything we do :)

Bata shoes / Mississippi top / gifted bag from Theodora / Adidas watch / Joe Phillips shorts



  1. Yeah, present is definitely what important, neither past nor even future (: Sweet outfit!

  2. Cute bag!

  3. great post! :)


  4. you have such inspirational posts :) and cute backpack!


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