CAMPUS LOOK : 18 Going On 19

10:48 PM

I’m back after hiatus from blogosphere.
I miss blogging so much, I finally have time to entry new post again because I didn't have internet access during this past week.
I’m happy right now hahaha but I still dont have the time of day to be part of the blogosphere as much as I would want to :(
 I'm still on exam week and being attacked by those never-ending tasks, also being a part of Student Senate really takes my time.
But I’ve always tried to enjoy the process and every single things that happened in my life :)
So, what’s keeping you busy this week?
I’ve read all the comments on my previous post and knowing that you guys loved my new hair is flattering me. Overall, I'm just really happy my hair style is appreciated! Thanks again guys

Anyway, I'm turning 19 in a few hours!! So excited and feel so blessed by Jesus Christ.
Have a great night ahead of you :)
Cubica sailor blouse / Casio watch / Busantie shoes / Charm Claire socks / Loly Poly Iphone Case / Duke Dom skirt



  1. love your accessories dear ^^


  2. happy birthday and nice watch :)

  3. Cute look! Loving your blouse! And your striped socks with your loafers!


  4. love ur socks! and ur batik bracelet is real cute :)

  5. I love your accesories dear. Thank you for leave comment at my blog. Can you help me,for like my photo at ? Thank you very much...

  6. I Really like the whole look !! It looks very pretty on you :D i can only guess what your closet looks like !!
    I really like ur blog wanna follow each other? let me know :)

    BTW ur pretty i like ur style u seem to have a pretty good taste :)

  7. Love your school girl inspired style, so youthful!


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