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Before you start scrolling down, I warn you that this post will be full of photos hahaha
It was when I attended Hydration And Health Seminar in Swissbell Hotel Manado two months ago, the day was same with my mom's birthday. Yap, it was on 22nd September.
So, are you ready to read this post?
I hope you dont get bored ;;)
Yummy foods for happy tummy :'>

Pardon my silly face.....
Meet the most hilarious young lecturer ever, doctor Meyer Egam.
Colleagues and Lecturers :)
And, not to forget, what I wore that day.
Actually this outfit related with another post of mine, taken in a same day. I just changed my shoes, added socks and took off my blazer. You can see it HERE
I was in the bathroom...with my camera...and what happened?
Guess what? You definitely know ;p
See, I've warned you. Bunch of photos, ey.
FYI, I'll live without internet access for the next 3 days because I'll be join Leadership Camp tomorrow.
Wish me a good luck!
See you on the next post :)

Bellagio shoes / A L'avauglette pleated skirt / unbranded polka dot / Happy Look floral blazer



  1. Amazing outfit! Amazing post!!!!:)
    Would you like to follow each other?!


  2. You look so cute and what a fun event :) thank you dear for your sweet comment too <3

  3. wow your outfit is adorable- love the polka dot skirt but I am drooling over the food :D

  4. really great post! anyway, thanks for the visit and the comment. would you like to follow each other? :)

    Diaz Hadian

  5. it's perfect to combine polka things and flowery! nice blog btw :))
    visit mine

  6. you look so cute! love the floral blazer and shoes!


  7. it looks so fun! and the foods look so yummy :)


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