CAMPUS LOOK : Repeating Outfit Is Not A Crime

10:02 PM

If you noticed, I’m wearing this polka dots shirt + black maxi skirt again.
I know there are some people who never will wear their similar outfit, but me? NO. it's not a big deal, I am a kind of person who would wear same clothes.
I am a person who love to mix and match clothes.
Why? Because in my personal opinion, it’ll be more excited if I can think of many ways to mix and match the limited clothes I have in my closet to create a variety of looks.
And the most exciting thing from repeating one-of-clothes-I-have is this is a way of saving my money, abstaining from extravagance.
YES, I don’t need to drain my checking account.
A little advice from me: you don’t have to spend lots of money to look great or maybe stylish.

All you need to do is just pick the clothes and accessories that highlight your best aspects, the one that makes you look your best.
You know, It's about how you mix and match and feel comfortable with your outfit.
And believe me, you can always wear clothes in many different ways.
Hope you understand me.

xx @ollyvialaura

Converse shoes /  gifted batik bag made in Indonesia / vintage polka dots shirt + maxi skirt / Casio watch



  1. Oh yes , I hate those type of people who think that repeating outfit is not good. I do repeat my outfit. It's never awkward :)
    Looking great as usual. I heart polka dots :)


  2. i wear the same thing all the time! you look sso cute !! xxx

  3. I love the look in the classroom Mexican kisses :))

  4. aww, you always look great.
    I'm in love with your Style <3



  5. You soo cute,love the blouse :)
    Following you now,hope you follow back:*

  6. This is so freaking cute :) Outfits are definitely more fun when you wear the same piece again but in a completely different way. It's kind of a challenge, but definitely worth it.

  7. this is such a CUTE outfit- I may wear it everyday if I had it :) hehe, jk! But, it's def. okay to wear the same outfit again - I def. do (I just don't take pics that day!) hehehe


  8. I definitely repeat pieces, but never an entire outfit. And I try to go at least a month before repeating a top again (bottoms are ok to repeat more often, I feel, since they tend to be less distinctive, but if I had more distinctive bottoms I'd wait longer to wear them too.)


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