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I do apologize for the short hiatus for the past few days.
Four days ago, I got call from my aunty in Manado.
She told me that the jewelry from my sponsor already arrived at home.
You can read my previous writing about eFoxcity HERE
But this time, I would like to introduce you (again) my absolute favorite online is legally registered as a private company in SHENZHEN and Hongkong, and have received business license from CHINA government. has always been about creativity and street style.
At first glance, it had me fooled as a shop that only for girls who love fashion.
But as I explored their site, they had a whole variety of clothes, women and men!
They provide a lot of trendy, chic, stylish, quirky and colorful items,
Just like this amazing homecoming dresses under 100
And this one of beautiful formal dresses under 100
For you who will get married soon. offering a discount wedding dresses.
I bet you, their wedding dresses are the best ones.
And one thing you should know is offers many products with a very affordable price and good quality at the same time.
So don’t worry too much.
I suggest you check out their site soon HERE or kindly click their website banner on the right side of my blog.
Don’t forget to follow them via TWITTER , like them on FACEBOOK for more information about their new stuffs and promotion !

Cokelat flower printed leggings / unbranded cut-out top (bought at Multi Mart) / novi's flats



  1. gr8 collection!! <3

    I just came across your lovely blog, wanna follow each other?
    Let me know... ^_^
    The Sweet Life

  2. nice legging :)
    wanna follow each other? :D

  3. LOVE EFOXCITY! Dress is awesome and fab !

  4. Cute leggings! :)

    xx pauline


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