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When I’m in Balikpapan, I always try to have time visiting my schools (elementary school, 
junior high school and high school).
School was such a happy place for me, filled with so many extremely lessons and memorable experiences everyday.
I loved going out with my friends, I loved skipping some classes when I felt bored, but I also loved learning my books, knew new things everyday from my teachers and my friends, did my home-works and presentations, joined school’s basketball team.
If I have an option to choose between junior high school and high school, without doubt I’ll choose high school.
3 years of high school had to be my best part of being an independent student. s
I was responsible to myself, I’ve done this and that because I wanted to, I made friends, I studied hard, and the last but not least, building my dreams (especially the wildest).
Met up with some of good friends and great teachers alive :)
What a day.
This place named DPR (Dibawah Pohon Rindang).
When I want to skip a boring class, this place always be the first option (sometimes I tend to go to canteen when I'm hungry).
The guy with yellow polo shirt and the girl next to him were one of my partners when it's about skipping a class. I'm missing Dody, Chuck, Myra, Rieny and JJ #throwback
To all young readers out there who are still student, study hard and make the most out of your years, make a lot of friends, don’t be afraid to try something new (something that you think is good for you to try), learn everything that you can, find out your dreams and don't forget to enjoy every single day of your school years.
High school offers bitter, sour and sweet moments and I bet it’s gonna be some of the best times of your life.
Enough with nostalgia.
I'm about to leave Manado to see my grandma in Mariri.
Hope you guys have a blessed Sunday.
Happy Sunday gorgeous people :)
xx @ollyvialaura

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  1. You look lovely in that orange outfit.

    I am Jenniya

  2. such a lovely post:)
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  3. wow, It such a great time!
    btw, I've followed you, mind to follw me back? :)

  4. what a great post! yes highschool would be one of the greatest memory of mine too :)

  5. great post!


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  6. I loved so much

  7. I love the print leggings!

  8. haha, aku jg ud lama gk ke blkpapan
    lovely pants :D

  9. So beautiful post, my dear!!!

    Gladly following you via GFC and Bloglovin. Hope you'll do the same :)

    Have a great week,



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