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 As I told on my previous blog.
I’m on holiday with mom&dad in a tiny village located near Simpang Pait, Kuaro.
I have stayed at Granny’s house for 2 weeks.
Well that’s ok because I finally have family time, but a bad news for me, I don’t get proper internet connection T.T
I’ve been searching a place to get proper internet connection.
And I finally got it.
It’s so far away from granny’s house, well I did it just to keep this blog alive.
 Because I got plenty of time without Internet Connection, I’m now busy doing new DIY projects.
I made two flower headbands when I was in Balikpapan.
This one is the first flower headband I made.
I name it “Viabella”
I’ll post about the other one later. 
Avenue dress / Viabella flower headband



  1. so creative.

    XX, Jenniya

  2. hiiii babe! thanks a lot for leaving me a really nice and lovely comment on ma post, im waiting for your new comment in my latest post ;) btw, i think this post is inspiring!! xoxo


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