First Monday

3:39 PM

Hello everyone? How are you?
Yeah, this is going to be my first post of my Campus Look after a month.
I wore this outfit this morning, just a simple look with a little bit vintage and boyish impressions.
I used to dress like this because I have to go out before 7.15 AM, so I have no time for extra styling and it happens everyday yap I permanently have morning classes for this 4th term.
However, it’s all about how I feel good and comfortable when I think I look good.
It is secretly my secret weapon to surviving a day full of classes.
Ssssst don’t tell this secret to anyone ;p
You guys should try to wear anything you like to wear and feel comfortable with it!
You might see and feel something's different with me.
Yeah, you're right, I'm wearing braces now.
I know I don't look better with these braces, you probably miss my old smile without braces.
Finally, I am back at the place I used to take my outfit shots without feeling awkward of people's staring.
 My friend Fista Fella Kipu, for your information! she takes most of my school outfit shots.
When the last class ended this afternoon, I and some of friends decided to go to bookstore at Mega Mall.
 Converse shoes / 1977 pleated maxi skirt / Hana-No blouse / Casio watch / Bunga socks / unbranded leather belt



  1. Your blouse is so pretty, perfect for the campus! :)

  2. love the white & green together... so fresh looking! that blouse really is amazing though!

    Lady à la Mode

  3. Yeah! We must being our self. Fashion is not just stylish but comfort too.
    Love the skirt :)

  4. - Ur Look It's Very Cute :) I Following U Now

  5. love this look, the colors are so beautiful and that skirt is GORGEOUS!!!



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