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As I told you on the previous post.
This morning I went to attend SREDS’ first weekly meeting at IBA room.
I brought my essay about my personal opinion about the existence of Atheists and was interviewed by Ka Michelle, after that we discussed about two trending topics; the first topic, we shared our point of views about demonstration related with the existence of Indonesia Army who involved the police’s duty and the second topic was about flood in Jakarta.
When the second topic was being discussed, I actually wanted to voice out my thought about the solution to solve that massive disaster, I was going to share about Biopori Hole, I’ve read about this article on Gogirl Magazine and asked google to know more about Biopori Hole.
I think it’s an effective alternative beside planting some trees, it is also cheaper.
From what I read, each Biopori Hole can absorb 3 Liter of water per minute which means it can absorbs 180 Liter of water per hour.
 It obviously help us to reduce local flooding. How cool it is.
But...HAHAHA shame on me, I was too afraid to say that.
Honestly, I felt worried from the beginning I met some of SREDS members, they are really great, they speaking English fluently.
Can you imagine my situation, I was like the one who lack of knowledge and bad at giving opinion.
Well, I have to practice more often.
 "A commitment is like a seed.
And to make the seed grows, we should have an action to take care the seed wisely"
-ollyvia laura-

Thanks for today SREDS members.
I feel grateful for having a chance to meet you.
I think I couldn't be a good debater.
I'll try my best to face anything with bravery start now!

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  1. Biopori holes? Sounds interesting. It's since last 2 years that Pakistan is also facing flood problems and our school management did a little discussion about it. This point must be valied there :)
    Love your look. Fresh!
    Aree With Umbrella

  2. Love your jacket. I like your blog and I'm a new follower with GFC. If you want, visit my blog.
    Kisses from Italy.


  3. Brilliant outfit! Love the different shades of blue x


  4. your so pretty!

    I just posted a new outfit of the day. What do you think?

    i would also appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

  5. que guapa!!!estas perciosa!me encanta el look, sobre todo la blusa!!!
    BESOS :D

  6. i love the shoes, I like gold:)

    follow back:)


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