Need To Change To Be A Better Person

2:54 PM

So my holiday finally end today.
Tomorrow I'll be back to school-life eh I mean college-life again, I dont know how to express my feeling now.
Sad? Maybe, cause I am missing my hometown right now.
Happy? Maybe, because it means a lot of new experiences and chances will keep coming, I should be ready for everything and of course, I finally will post more about my campus look.
So, am I excited for getting back to my college-life?
As a student and a blogger, I am excited :)
My life's been bittersweet these day, life will always be like that, right?
Yesterday, I was like punched by the fighter when someone's words really affect my world.
I've got a lesson because of someone's not-too-harsh words ; to not talking too much trashy or unimportant talks that some people obviously don't want to hear, and to not be an arrogant person.
I'm totally grateful for what I had back then.
I have my learning, I hope I could be a better person as day goes by. Amen to that :)
It's getting dark here, I need to sleep earlier, because I have to wake up at 5AM so, I'll leave you guys with these photos.
The entire look of what I wore at The Talent Show of Nyong & Noni Unsrat 2012

Happy Sunday gorgeous people :))
xx @ollyvialaura

PX style shoes / unbranded blouse / Avenue leggings / gifted bow necklace from Novi (Thyo Pernik) / UWU School jean jacket



  1. Amazing post,you are amazing!
    Love your blog,keep up with the good work :)

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