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Hello again, gorgeous readers :)
I have no idea how fast time is running, we’ll be welcoming March in a couple of hours.
February brings so many lessons for me, I am very surprised to see some people talk about me in different sides (the good side and the so-not-good side).
Well, it’s right to voice out their point of views, for your information I really love to listen all the smart critical, because I know I as a human being also have bad characters inside myself and I am trying to change those bad attitudes as best as I can.
If you want to voice out your thoughts to introspect me, I would like to hear it from you directly :)
Seriously, I wont hate you for telling the truth, I’ll be happy to know when people around me still notice the existence of myself.
Because ‘you judge me, I judge you’ is too mainstream these days, why don’t we talk face to face, it’s better than talking behind someone’s back, right? :)
Anyway, I won the giveaway of Berry Benka from Brown Platform :) Yeay super happy.
It is the first time of my life to win a giveaway in this blogosphere.
Thank you so much Berry Benka and ka Anastasia Siantar.
And today I want to share my happiness to you, yes MY FIRSTGIVEAWAY is officially closed and the winner of my first giveaway is…………


Congratulation :)
To those who didn’t get a chance to win the giveaway, don’t worry gorgeous.
I’ll be hosting another giveaway, just wait and see :)

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