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Today is the day you will see me in pattern look and little bit in a retro vibe.
Well, you might think ‘ey, patterns are everywhere, is that really you, Ollyvia?”
Yes, it’s me, I tend to be more daring these days.
There’s no harm from experimenting different look, agree?
Today's formula : Pattern leggings + Polka dots shirt + Printed outwear + Statement necklace + Glitter wedges + Postman hat
I am a person who completely spontaneous when choosing clothes and TADA….
This is what I wore to go out with my friend today.
Honestly I really got tons of weird stares from people today, but I don't think much and i will keep wearing whatever I feel like wearing :)
Does the formula work on me?
What do you think? :)
Style is all about having fun with expressing yourself, right? 
When you look good, you will feel good and when you feel good, you are beautiful in your way :)
By the way, I really love statement accessories which I got from
I just can't get enough of them!
And the fact that I’m joining Blogger Competition : Pattern Look hosted by and this is my best pattern look.
So what’s yours?
Be bold and join the competition too, post your best pattern look on your blog and instagram.
More info you can see HERE
"The moment you allow rules to dictate your fashion or your life, then you lose sight of your own style"

C&K wedges / unbranded pattern leggings + polka dots shirt / Casio watch / mom's printed outwear / gifted bag from Mayang / Bunga ring / spikes ring + statement necklace from / Ray Ban glasses / Berretto Sport postman hat



  1. Yeah, I think that it totally worked on you. Looks fabulous, especially the nekclace! :)

  2. Hey, I'm going to join that competition too, but I don't think I have much time left.
    Love this super pattern style of you ^^ It's work and yah, fashion is to having fun!

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  3. great outfit! love the combination with the different prints :)
    xx ♥

  4. love this colorful outfit!! :)

  5. Lovely outfit! Love the hat!!

    Come by soon!


  6. Love your necklace.

  7. great pictures! you look stunning!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  8. beautiful necklace

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous babe! Loving all these colors on you. And I have to say you are truly beautiful!!

    Btw, great job on your blog layout as well! Keep it up!

    xx Nita

  10. Gorgeous colorful outfit! X

  11. so many photos, i love it! colorful set is amazing, you look perfect! i love your smile and see you're nice person :) we can be friends, i hope!

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
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  12. I love your patterns and the necklace!!

    Check out my blog!!


  13. cute post

    I have a great giveaway on my blog.
    Win a Roses & Clementines Rose crown.
    Hope you enter!

    Rachael x

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    Where cаn I find out more?

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  15. love that bright punchy jacket!

  16. great outfit!

    following you now, hope you follow back :)

  17. you look so preppy and unique!
    i love this outfit


  18. This is such a whimsical Carrie Bradshaw outfit. Love it. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  19. I love this outfit! Nice shoes!

    Do you want to follow each other in Bloglovin and GFC?

    All the best,

  20. those patterns look so fabulous!

    mind to follow each other? let me know ;)

  21. i love it!

  22. Hi! I hope you can visit and join my site also. Thanks! :)

  23. Tempting tribal legging


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