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4:51 AM

Today I posted my outfit I wore at the puclic health inauguration party 2012.
Held at M-Icon.
Honestly, I didnt enjoy the event.
I only stayed one hour then I and my friend, Benny decided to leave the place.
Boring atmosphere? Probably.
You can have a conclusion that I only went to that event just for taking outfit photo.
Feel free to think and expect anything :)
"No matter what you did to people, no matter what you achieved, some people will just not like you that much and always underestimate you because uncertain reason.
If you meet them, keep smiling to them like there’s nothing wrong and stay to yourself."
-Ollyvia Laura Arnold-

Avenue dress + boots / Bunga rings / Naughty necklace / Star blazer / Guess watch



  1. I love the dress :)

  2. i love your boots, dear! so nice! xoxo
    love, Yulia

  3. Great shoes!!!
    Lovely blog, I have one too, if you want to have a look at it, it would be great :)

  4. its my first time to visit your blog dear and i find your outfit post so good that makes me go back here again and again. anyway, nice outfit! You keep it up. i think you have the potential to become one of the mostly known fashion bloggers. :))



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