What's In March

10:17 PM

Whoah, cant believe today is the last day of March 2013.
Lately, there has been so many things going on...
Some good, some bad that I totally lost my mind.
Never ending bittersweet life-story.
Sounds cheesy, but that's the reality.
Life is not that easy, and by thinking that tomorrow is April, hmmm
It means I will eventually have a hard weeks to face.
Schools works, assignments, and exams are waiting for me.
Meanwhile days off keeps spinning in my head because I am too tired to deal with those school stuffs.
I know, I shouldnt complain, I know, I know *take a deep breath*
I want to apologize if I dont enter any blog post for a while.
Once I get everything in order, I'll be back for you, gorgeous :)
Happy Easter Day cutie bunnies in the world, eh I mean gorgeous people in the world.
Hope April will bring some good deeds for all of us.
God bless
Stay healthy and happy :))
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  1. feels like yesterday when it was 2012

  2. you look so pretty! cute outfits, xoxo

    love, Yulia

  3. love the collage photos with your daily fashion. Yes, March turns so fast!
    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  4. I love the outfit with the red skirt!



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