People Will Always Have Comments

3:00 PM

Sometimes some colleagues of mine looked me with their weird stares because of my look.
I dont know why and I dont really have a care with that.
Like this outfit as an example, a guy called me "a playgroup kiddo" when I wore this outfit to campus last week.
People will always have comments (bad or good) even when we dont want to hear it.
I wont shy away from experimenting with different (or you can say uncommon) looks because of unwanted attention.
I dont like to stay inside the comfort zone.
I dress up for myself and not for anyone else.
We should dress to make us feel good.
We could just choose to what we want to wear :)
I got this peace bracelet from BERRYBENKA
Isnt it cute?
A really sweet girl mentioned me yesterday saying that she loves my blog, she even wrote about me on her blog along with another Filipino bloggers as young bloggers she loves.
I am really flattered because of her.
You can check her blog LOVE AND ROYALTY
I want to thank to her and all SRS' readers who appreciate my blog and my styles, who tweeted, commented and greeted me in person.
You guys are wonderful :)

Converse shoes / unbranded tartan skirt / vintage shirt / Bunga socks + ring / Monol watch / mom's vintage watch / BerryBenka bracelet



  1. Love your outlook! Who cares what others think :P
    But I personally think you look so cute

  2. I am touched :"> I LOVE YOU OLLYVIA. Your Welcome too :*

    -Love and Royalty

  3. yeah you're right! but it's not only the stares, it's the comment from masteng(read: mas mas tengik pinggir jalan) that's soooo annoying ._.

  4. you do have a lovely smile
    lovin' your hairstyle btw :D

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D
    there's also a giveaway you might join

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa


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