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"Wherever you may work, whatever your chosen area of focus, every public health professional is part of an extraordinary global enterprise"

Hi, my name is Ollyvia Laura Arnold.
I’m a public health student who currently studying at faculty of public health, Sam Ratulangi University.
Now, I just want to share my thoughts related my current education.
Many times I met my parents’ friends or my friends’ parents or strangers on the street, then they asked me this kind of question;

‘where’s your college? which department you take?’

When I answered that I am now a public health student, some people asked me back; 

‘what is public health?'
'what kind of job you’ll get when you get your public health degree? Working at Puskesmas (Community Health Center) to help the doctor?’

Yeah, sometimes they asked as being a public health student is not really good in their eyes, they might think public health students have lower state than medical students or whatsoever.
I am sad because it looks like they look down at public health students :(
For your information, Puskesmas/Community Health Center is not the only place we can work at, we could work at hospital, health department, college or company, etc.

We are public health expert.
We play a key role in preventing illness and promoting health.
We can be leader, manager, innovator, nutritionist, researcher, communitarian, policy maker, epidemiologist, educator, biostatistician, environmental health officers, community development workers, communications experts, and others.
Now, I'd like to give you a simple explanation about public health.
According to World Health Organization, Public Health is defined as “the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society”.

Public health expert is providing Preventive Health Care to improve health and quality of lifepromoting greater health and well-being in a sustainable way based on population health analysis, monitoring the health situation and assessing health trends, engaging in partnerships with health professionals (doctors, nurses) and other sectors to address the wider determinants of health, contributing in making health policy and not to mention the public health give promotion of healthy behaviours.

So, to all PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENTS & EXPERTS out there....
I'm sending you my biggest smile, support and tightest hug :))
Keep studying/working productively and fruitfully and always contribute to the society :)

"Being a public health student/expert, means you have to aware and ready to control and prevent everything related public health issues whenever and wherever you are, with the ultimate goals : to reduce illness, morbidity and mortality and to improve health." -Ollyvia Laura-

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  4. I love this post! You're clearly passionate about the subject, which is great:) Also, you look lovely! I really like your blog, and would love for us to follow each other xx

  5. Pretty! Its nice that you found spmething you are so passionatre about, sounds like a great career :)


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