Come And Get It

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Not the most creative outfit I've ever worn, but probably one of my favorites I must say : it’s simple and so comfy and to the point I finally got Dr. Martens on my feet. Yippie
I have to admit it : I used to be paranoid to Online Shop.
I didn’t trust it.
I don't know if another bloggers have ever experienced the same things as I do.
Basically, the reason why I felt like that because I didnt have credit/debit cards, so I always shop at stores in the mall, well just as simple as that.
But day changed, people changed, so does life.
Because today I don’t have any exams, I would like to introduce you something interesting, Dskon is a Indonesian website that collect all the best deals from time to time which dedicated to give online shoppers what they need.
I guarantee you, it’s a trusted e-commerce website.
The thing I love about Dskon is that it helps budding us (entrepreneurs, students) and gives us unlimited options fashioned from the minds of people who’re interested in fashion at a fraction of a price.
But Dskon not only provides fashion online store, but also electronics online store, etc.
It gives you options not readily available in free-standing stores and is pretty much diverse.

To know more about Dskon you can check HERE and its Dskon Fashion Portal
And do not forget to like Dskon Facebook, just CLICK HERE

To all Selena Gomez fans, you should check and listen to her new song "Come and Get It".
I love this song so much.

Jelly Mint shoes dr.martens / Hana-No blouse / unbranded belt / vintage maxi skirt / Charm Claire socks 



  1. Ah, I wish I can get away with wearing skirt to campus but alas, people are so judgemental they'll have a field day talking about me!

  2. Supercute look! I like that blouse :)

  3. cute outfit :)

  4. cool shoes!!
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  5. Such a cool dr.martens shoes


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