I-Story, You Have A Right To Judge

10:50 PM

Have you ever felt judged?
In my case, yes I have….and it often happens.
Remembering our past is not a crime (if we don’t do that most of the time).
It helps us to remind ourselves of how far we’ve progressed in life, how far we’ve grown up.
I once wrote one of the worst judgment I ever got and heard, one of harsh gossip I’ve ever heard, I guess.
You can read HERE
I don’t know why they were like that, jealousy (?)
Well I really have no idea.
Anyway, I think I've blabbed too much so on to my outfit post!
I wore this outfit to a movie + girls’ night out last holiday with my two bestfriends, Novi and Eka.
These photos were taken at Story-I Ewalk when two my girls accompanied me to upgrade my laptop’s iOS.
You can check this entire look and the brands I was wearing on my previous blogpost EVERY BITS AND PIECES
 After that, we had dinner night out at Haagen Dazs.



  1. yesterday i read your prev post about people.
    Rata-rata sih org gitu, jangankan kamu. Aku aja kalau beda gaya ke kampus langsung di liatin mungkin mereka ga berani komentar mungkin karena aku senior di jurusan aku tp risih juga sih di liatin dr atas sampe bawah atau diliatin sampe aku masuk kelas :D, simple think sih mereka ga kenal kita yang emng suka gaya dan aku sih cuma mikir setiap org punya gaya masing-masing dan aku hargai gaya mereka walau mereka 'suka komentar' gaya kita ;)

    semangat, semangat. jangan down kalau di cibir org ya ;) hihihi


  2. people will always like that.
    whoever you are, you'll always can be an object in some people's conversation.
    But in the end, it still you it's you, and they are they.

  3. cuteeee shoes <33 nice post!


  4. funny experience~
    a nice day of you



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