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11:32 AM

Hello hello
First, I’d like to say sorry for disappearing from this blogosphere.
I’m really busy, bust as a real student college; never-ending assignments, projects, exams to face, gym, study, blogwalking, etc, yeah I had talked about this too on HERE
I really have a hard time to manage my time.
Even my aunty thought that I already have a boyfriend, because I am rarely at home *sigh*
Nay, I think it’s still not the time to be in a relationship, because well, ok, let’s stop talk about it.
It'll be so dramatic.
I am just not ready yet ;p
Uhmmm, the conclusion of this talk is being too productive is not really that good though, I’m about going crazy now *kidding*
Because I have free time now, I edited these photos using toycamera analogcolor for Mac ^.^
J.Rep flats / Vivayou fur jacket /  gifted bag from Gogirl magazine / Art Fashion ring



  1. Love the dress! I've the same motif bag from go girl! ^^

  2. cuteeeee jacket

    xoxo, MICH

  3. looking so pretty with that dress ^^ hoping all your projects and assignment go well! time management is really hard indeed..

  4. like that blazer!


  5. Your website content nice nice and interesting to observe. I love and admire you


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